Paint Masks For Insignia.

Digitally cut from a special 80µ low tack, low residue vinyl. Paint Masks make painting your insignia and other markings an extremely easy procedure.  


They can be used to produce single or multi-coloured markings using a simple but effective alignment procedure.    Click here for more details.

  • Mask1
  • Mask2
  • Mask3
  • Mask4
  • Mask5



Dry Rubdown Decals.

Also known as Dry Transfers they are used in the same way as the old Letraset style transfers and require no special processing before application.  As the name suggests, you do not need water or any other solvent to apply these decals as they literally transfer from the backing paper to the surface by gently rubbing to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Dry transfers add fine detail and can contain many decals in a combination of colours on a single sheet .  Click here for more details.


  • Drub01
  • Drub02
  • Drub03
  • Drub04
  • Drub05



Stencil Masks.

Specially cut with great care to produce masks with characters as small as 4mm-5mm tall.  Possible for models 1/5 Scale and upwards for a wide range of popular models. 


Special fonts or typefaces can be drawn in-house to reproduce authentic looking marks.    Click here for more details.

  • Stencil01
  • Stencil02
  • Stencil03
  • Stencil04
  • Stencil05



Full Size Aircraft Markings.

We can also offer our services to decorate full size aircraft.  Warbird styled kit builds such as the 2 seater Titan T51, reproduction & original warbirds from WWI & WWII undergoing restoration repair. 


Insignia, banners, motifs, crew plates, and stencilling are all possible with the correct reference material (as for scale models).
Click here for more details.

  • FulSize01
  • FulSize02
  • FulSize03
  • FulSize04
  • FulSize05













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